vCard PHP - A vCard Address Book


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What it does

What it does not do


Раскодировать quoted_printable_encode ( string $str )

http://host/path/vbook.php?file=filename&title=title&style=stylesheet&cat=cat1,cat2,... | *&hide=hide list

Query Parameters

[defaults shown in brackets]

Specifies the file or URL to parse. If this is not specified, then nothing is displayed allowing the vbook.php file to be included in another page and the print_vcard_address_book function to be called programatically.
The title at the top of the page. [filename]
The stylesheet. [style.css]
A comma delimited list of categories to show. [All]
This has the same effect as cat=All but the categories are listed individually instead of just the string 'All' being displayed. This feature can be used to determine all of the categories in the file.
hide=hide list
A comma delimited list of properties or types to hide. The list items are case insensitive. For example, to hide the NOTE property and any HOME information for all properties, set the list to note,home.

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