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--Ashton, Dr. Ted (Business)

Dr. Ted Ashton

Head of Surgery

Oxford Medical Clinic

301-431-9342 (Work)

--Barnes & Nobel (Business)

Barnes & Nobel

410-203-9001 (Pref)

--Barnes, Julie (Business)

Julie Barnes

Business Development Manager

Virage, Inc.

650-573-3215 (Work)

650-573-3244 (Fax) (Internet)

Suite 520
177 Bovet Road
San Mateo CA 94402

--Best Buy (Business)

Best Buy

410-312-4900 (Pref)

--Clark's Do It Center (Business)

Clark's Do It Center

410-313-8100 (Pref)

--Hair Cuttery, Hickory Ridge (Business)

Hickory Ridge Hair Cuttery

410-531-5781 (Pref)

--Hatfield, Jane (Business, Personal)

Jane Hatfield

VP Marketing

Coca Cola, Inc.

439-994-3928 (Work, Cell)

439-344-4323 (Home, Cell)

439-344-9543 (Fax)

98 Crater Drive
Denver CO 80301 (Home)

Mail Stop 9
Suite 105
1001 Pop Road
Denver CO 80301 (Work)

--Home Depot (Business)

Home Depot

410-750-2199 (Pref)

--Verizon Wireless (Business)

Verizon Wireless

410-872-7200 (Pref)

To reload the roaming table, dial *228 and select option 2.

--WBJC 91.5 (Business)

WBJC 91.5

410-462-8444 (Pref)

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